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My name is Scott Yager. I grew up in Connecticut, which when you bring up in conversation NEVER comes with a follow-up question. I went to school at Syracuse University where I studied FILM, a degree that has landed me in the magical world of Reality Television where I continue to earn what some might call “a living”.  In 2010 I was crowned NYC’s Funniest Young Comedian by Broadway Comedy Club. In addition, I also hold Managing Editor positions at The Sound Magazine where I interview all the music and comedy acts that come through the tri-state area. I started this podcast in 2010 because I was a fan of other podcasts and I wanted to secure my spot in what I felt was the future of radio and digital media. My guests are a variety of experts and stars from the worlds of sports, music, film, television and comedy. I try to keep my interviews fun and loose while also asking the questions people want to hear. Feel free to contact me at any time to give feedback, ask booking or advertising questions,  and even just to say hello. I always make an effort to respond to everybody. Most of all, ENJOY! - Yager